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Want to Know the Use of Coconut Oil For Hair? Here Are Five Reasons

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Treating and maintaining your hair should be a top priority, which is why it is good to know the use of coconut oil for hair. A lot of women find that out the hard way whenever they endure problems with frizz, damage, or a dry itchy scalp. There are numerous solutions to restore strands back to life. Maybe you are here looking for one now. 

The use of heat from ceramic flat irons, constantly pulling the hair, or perms can really beat hair up. That is why it is good to use natural treatments. A lot of products contain coconut oil, and for good reason. You can also use this amazing oil on its own. If you want to know why it’s good for your hair, here are five reasons why: 

Adds Protection to Hair

Out of all essential oils, coconut oil works wonders in adding a barrier for hair, protecting strands from damage or breakage as a result of outside elements including the sun, cold winds, or smoke. This protective agent also helps keep hair from suffering damage from bacteria and irritants. Also, if your strands weaken from the use of shampoo, it’s good to apply the oil after washing your hair. 

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Moisturizes the Hair 

The lauric acid in coconut oil, besides the benefit of reducing or eliminating bacteria that can lead to damage, also helps to absorb into hair quickly, providing moisture to keep frizz and dryness at bay. It is because this acid has amazing nourishing properties is why it works so well in absorbing into hair. 

Reduces Protein Loss For Hair

Hair contains a few layers, with the outer being the cuticle and the center (unless you have very fine hair), having medulla. Thick natural hair is going to have a lot of medulla. Your hair is made up of protein, so if you’re styling, brushing, and using relaxers, you’re running the chances of breaking down those proteins. However, with coconut oil, the proteins in your hair are protected, with reduced chances of thinning and hair turning more fragile. 

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Repairs Damaged Hair and Breakage

Again with hair that is fragile, thin, and weakened means damage and breakage can occur. But the use of coconut oil daily, with its fatty acids and lauric acid absorbing into hair, means strands receive the moisture it needs as well as removal of any bacteria or irritants that caused hair problems in the first place

Promotes Hair Growth 

This essential oil, when used daily, can lead to hair growing naturally. Coconut’s benefit of repairing strands from damage, moisturizing hair due to its quick absorption properties, and being able to add protection from environmental elements, wetness, and styling, means hair can grow longer and stronger. 


If you wanted to know the use of coconut oil for hair, you now know its importance. This essential ingredient may not have the vitamins and nutrients like other oils have, but its nourishing, healing, and protection properties make this a viable part of your daily hair care routine. Just make sure you use the right amount so that it absorbs without issue, and monitor your hair and scalp for possible allergic reactions. 

If you’re looking for hair care products that contain coconut oil, look no further than our product A&A Strengthening Hair Balm. which is a dry damaged hair treatment that has this essential oil as one of its key ingredients. A light-weight creamy grease, our product is used for strengthening hair strands, locking in moisture, promoting natural shine, and soothing the scalp. Learn more about the product here, locations where you can purchase locally, or buy online through the Walmart online marketplace. 

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