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What is Geranium Oil Good For and Its Benefits for Hair?

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What is Geranium oil good for when it comes to hair? Well, you will be happy to know that it falls within the essential oil family (when properly refined). So it’s a great addition to add to your hair care routine.

Before knowing if this essential oil is right for you, we will cover more details about its origination and its best uses for hair: 

What is Geranium

Geraniums are plants in the form of colorful flowers. They are known for their long stalks that resemble a crane. It is why they are referred to as Crane’s-bills. There are different variations of geranium plants. They can blossom in different colors, including red, pink, and purple. Wild geraniums bloom to a white color. 

Although these flowers originate in South Africa, they have been adopted in Europe starting in the 1700s. They serve as a significant part of the floral culture and are a gardener’s delight. 

What is Geranium Essential Oil Good For

Although they grow in the form of flowers, they can and have been extracted for oil. In fact, the geranium oil extracted from the plants has been used for aromatherapy, dating back to ancient Egypt. 

That is because the oil contains antioxidants that are beneficial for the hair and skin. But people in South Africa have used geraniums to also treat mental and emotional distress. 

There has been research and some scientific evidence to back up the healing claims of this essential oil. Through prior research, geranium oil has been regarded as having anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties. 

How Geranium Oil Benefits the Hair

As mentioned prior, this oil has its own great uses for hair. Here are areas where it shines: 

Is An Anti-Inflammatory Agent

An inflamed scalp can cause a danger to the health of your hair. When inflamed, the scalp can potentially dry up. A dry scalp means it’s lacking the nutrients and moisture needed. This can cause scalp irritation, leading to moments of discomfort on the top of your head.

Without much-needed nutrients or moisture, dandruff can occur, causing further problems down the road. The good thing about geranium oil is its anti-inflammatory properties. Like other essential oils, it helps to increase the production of sebum, which is a natural oil that moisturizes the scalp. 

That said, it reduces the dryness of the skin, thus preventing scalp irritation and dandruff. Not only that, this oil leaves the head feeling refreshed and relaxed. 

Has Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Properties

The hair and scalp are prone to bacteria. Without a solution, bacteria can cause scalp problems. This can include infections and flakiness. Also, bacteria can potentially break down amino acids, thus weakening the hair and leading to hair loss. 

It is good then that geranium oil is rich in antioxidants. This helps to fight off any free radicals and impurities that can harm the hair and scalp. These antioxidants work as a cleaning agent to promote a cleaner, healthy scalp. 

Geranium oil also contains amino acids. These help to nourish hair strands. This allows a higher production of keratin which is composed of amino acids. Higher keratin leads to the increased strength of hair strands.

Regulates Excessive Oils

Just as it is important to prevent the dryness of the scalp and hair, it’s equally important to manage excessive oils. The scalp can potentially, depending on the person or condition, produce excessive sebum. 

Why is that a problem? Because excessive natural oils can clog the pores of the skin. Other problems that can occur include oily hair, dandruff, and an itchy scalp. 

So just as Geranium oil cleanses the scalp of impurities, it doubles as a solution to cleansing excessive oils. Not only that, through deep-cleaning the scalp, geranium also balances the scalp’s pH levels. This in turn regulates sebum production. 


After sharing what is geranium oil good for and its use for hair, you now can decide if it will benefit you. This essential oil is great for fighting off free radicals and bacteria to reduce hair loss. It’s great for cleansing the scalp to prevent dryness, irritation, dandruff, and infections. 

It’s great for even preventing oily hair and oily scalp through balancing natural oil production. And should you use this oil, your head will feel nourished and refreshed. 

Even if you don’t use it for your hair, it’s still great to use towards reducing stress, depression, and headaches. That’s why it’s been used for aromatherapy for countless years. 

Geranium oil works well in tandem with other essential oils, including olive oil, coconut oil, and argan oil. It can be used on its own to massage into the scalp, or as a mask to treat damaged hair. Of course, it’s great as a serum to combat hair loss. 

There are DIY hair recipes you can research to find the right solution for your needs. However, there are hair products on the market that also contain this essential oil. If you are searching for a good hair pomade that contains geranium oil, look no further than our product A&A Strengthening Hair Balm.

Available in 4oz, this hair product is a lightweight, creamy hair grease. It’s great if you need hair grease that isn’t too light or too thick and adsorbs into hair easily. It’s mildly scented in case you are allergic to fragrances.

Aside from geranium oil, A&A Strengthening Hair Balm also contains coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, and other high-quality ingredients. These work together to deliver a dry damaged hair treatment solution that strengthens your strands. That and its ability to promote a clean, healthy scalp makes this a great solution for your hair care needs. 

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