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A&A Strengthening Hair Balm

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We’re happy to announce the upcoming launch of our new hair restoration solution for women looking for naturally strong, healthy hair. A&A Strengthening Hair Balm is a hair product like no other, and so if you’re looking for a product to give your hair new life, we want to help you. JOIN US in our new journey to help women be their natural best! 

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A&A Strengthening Hair balm is a light-weight grease with high quality essential oils, minimized synthetic ingredients and fragrances.

Strengthens Hair

Hair can weaken from the use of heat styling tools, chemical relaxers, and daily styling. A&A helps strengthen the hair strands, repairing damage while also minimizing hair breakage.

Promotes Hair Growth

With ingredients that include coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil, hair will receive rich levels of nutrients that it needs in order to grow longer, stronger strands.

Minimizes dry, itchy scalp


Peppermint oil, along with the other essential oils included, work to soothe the scalp. Daily use will lead to a healthier scalp, and minimized chances of having dandruff, or a dry, itchy scalp. 

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