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Looking and feeling amazing, confident, and healthy is what the company Heavenly Essence is devoted to help women achieve. Since being founded over a decade ago, the company has specialized in making prestige hair care solutions more accessible to women who can’t use hair products that are usually catered to the mass market.

Heavenly Essence thrives on providing innovation, uniqueness, and answers to address the need of a healthy, eco-friendly, hair care solution that just works. The company wants women to use hair products with confidence, knowing that results they want will happen without health-related issues. And thus, PUREity and A&A are those solutions.

Beauty is the business Heavenly Essence takes part in, and will make its mark through changing the way people take care of their hair and skin, through continuously providing high-quality, unique, eco-friendly solutions that will enhance the look and well-being of women. Every solution from Heavenly Essence is made with love and care, in which any person will feel from using them.

The research arm and ambition of Heavenly Essence will allow it to explore new opportunities, nationally and internationally. That, in addition to the support to local communities, educating women on proper hair and skin care, and its deep passion in being a problem solver, will be a part of the company’s commitment to bringing beauty to everyone, the healthy way, for many years to come.

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