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Our Story

Heavenly Essence, Inc., a family owned business, was founded by credentialed cosmetologist Darlene Alexander, her husband Michael and son Sheldon.

For years, Darlene suffered from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. For years she suffered allergic reactions from using hair products that were geared towards the mass market. She long searched for a hair care solution that would give her the results for her hair while also being safe to use. There weren’t any.

After years of frustration due to the allergic reactions suffered from using a wide range of hair care products, Darlene was inspired to develop a hypo-allergenic line of products. With the vision of healthier hair care products, the PUREity brand was created.

Now women who go through the same issues Darlene once went through, can now have a safe, healthy solution for their hair care needs.

Heavenly Essence, Inc. is dedicated in providing innovative products that address the consumer and professional.

That is why the company developed its signature brand PUREity Hypo-allergenic Hair Care. This brand addresses the needs of the professional beauty industry (PUREity Pro-Essential) and the consumer market.

The company’s second brand, A&A, was birth through collaborating with Jesse Anderson. The A&A Strengthening Hair Balm has been introduced to the salon professional as well as the consumer market, and has received exemplary results.

Our Team

Darlene Alexander (President)

Sheldon Alexander (Vice President)

Michael Alexander (Web Programmer)



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