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Values and Principles

Our values are what shape the team’s daily actions. They continue to this day in order for the company to work towards the bigger picture. The values the company stands by include:


We value the need to continue addressing the beauty needs. With beauty continuing to evolve, with trends, and special needs often on the horizon, it is our mission to always stay one step ahead by providing unique solutions that exceed expectations. We will always discover new ways to help those who love to stay healthy, beautiful, and youthful.


We love to help others, understand beauty needs, and bring positive experiences at the forefront. It is our company’s passion to help the beauty industry grow, and bringing forth a better user experience for every individual, is why we work daily. Anticipating and delivering upon the beauty needs of the future is why Heavenly Essence is on this exciting adventure.


Heavenly Essence is not a company that wants to provide hair and beauty solutions that are similar to what’s already on the market. We want to always provide special solutions that cater to a special niche. Not only that, we will continuously strive to deliver beauty solutions that not only differ from what’s on the market, but that are also healthy, eco-friendly, and produces results that rival leading brands.


At Heavenly Essence, we are responsible for bringing greatness to beauty. Effectiveness, safety, and thoughtfulness drive our work. We place emphasis in the responsibility of making beauty a better experience. We contribute to the well being of employees, beauty professionals, and women who have similar passion for beauty.

Our ethical principles

Our ethical principles are what shape our culture, our reputation, and our actions. Here are our ethical principles:

  • Selflessness – Our work at Heavenly Essence are for the good of the people we serve and want to help
  • Integrity – We value and stand by being truthful, with our contributions reflecting our mission to build trust and create healthy relationships
  • Transparency – We believe in being helpful and honest to those we serve, without sugar coating anything, or making unbelievable claims
  • Ambitious – Because we must be determined to bring change to beauty in order to be heard, while under-promising but over-delivering to ensure satisfaction
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