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The Five Main Benefits of Olive Oil For Hair

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Here we will look at the benefits of olive oil for hair. This essential oil has many amazing healing properties and uses. Knowing how it benefits hair is the first part in knowing whether or not it’s right for you. After all, not all hair types may benefit from it. Also, not all women may react to this oil the same, especially those who are sensitive to natural ingredients. 

Olive oil has multiple emollients, and is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants. This places it as a key ingredient in hair care products. It can be found in shampoos and conditioners, as well as hair masks and balms. 

This oil is pretty popular among women who use it and companies that include it in their products. But if you never used it, or want to learn more on what makes olive oil good for hair, here are five reasons: 


The scalp produces natural oils from the roots. However, often times those natural oils don’t reach the ends of the hair. This is especially true if hair is very thick or long. No moisture at the ends of hair can lead to dryness, thus causing split ends. However, olive oil helps to prevent split ends as the rich emollients helps soften the hair from the roots to the ends. 

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With the rich fatty acids and antioxidants contained in olive oil, this helps to fight off free radicals and irritants. Free radicals in particular can weaken the hair and lead to damage or hair loss. However, the rich antioxidants in olive oil stabilizes free radicals. This in turn adds protection for the hair and scalp, thus helping to maintain good health for both. 


If you have thick, coarse hair that needs a lot of nutrients to keep hair fed, olive oil is a great solution. It contains nutrients that hydrates the strands to add moisture. Also the fatty acids in this oil helps to penetrate through the cuticle. This allows the nutrients to adsorb into hair quickly. Using this essential oil as a conditioner will also help to make hair more manageable when brushing, combing, and styling. 


The scalp is very important to maintain. Thankfully, the antioxidants in olive oil helps to protect the scalp from bacteria and irritants. It also helps reduce dryness that can lead to flakiness or scalp irritation. The nutrients in olive oil hydrates the scalp as well, which is important especially for the fifth benefit below. 


There are two important nutrients that makes olive oil good for hair. One is vitamin A, which is good for reducing aging to the hair. Another is vitamin E, which helps to strengthen the strands. This helps to reduce damage or breakage when brushing, branding or styling hair. In addition, vitamin E hydrates the hair and promotes good overall health, making olive oil good for hair growth. 


Now that you know the benefits of olive oil for hair, it’s a matter of knowing whether or not you need it. It has fatty acids and antioxidants that help stabilize the free radicals and bacteria that can cause harm to hair. The nutrients in olive oil help give hair moisture needed for overall good health. Then if you are in need of a solution to promote a healthy scalp, this essential oil will help you in that regard also. 

If you have fine or straight hair, and minimum scalp problems, then olive oil may not be for you. However, if you have thick afro or curly hair, and have problems getting moisture to your scalp, then you should give it a try. Just make sure to not put too much as it can leave hair oily. Also, make sure to use good quality products that contain olive oil, which will adsorb into hair without issue. 

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